Learning To Use An HT

On January 11, 2018, members of the Kellenberg Amateur Radio Club met for the first time for 2018!  In our meeting, we went over how to use an HT, or handheld radio.  Each member of the club had the opportunity to participate in a short QSO or conversation using an HT radio.

Members learned concepts like “push then talk” which means push the push to talk button, wait for a second, then begin speaking.  This gives the radio a moment to begin transmitting and if using a repeater, for the repeater to begin retransmitting.

Members of the club also reviewed our newly posted website pages “How Do I Call Someone On A Repeater” and “Local Nets”.  Local Nets is a list of nets that licensed operators may want to participate in.  Members of the club we advised to at least listen in so they become familiar with net operations and when they feel comfortable to begin participating.

How Do I Call Someone On A Repeater is a short guide to calling someone specific or just looking to have a conversation with anyone available on a repeater.

Any Kellenberg student interested in learning more about Amateur Radio or participating in Amateur Radio Club can stop by the library conference room any Thursday at 3:05 PM or see Mr. Campbell.


mrcampbell / January 12, 2018 / KM2ARC