Computer Club Addendum for Meeting on 5/10/2016

At our meeting on 5/10/2016 we went through our presentation on installing the Java Development Kit and Netbeans.  After installing the we went through the creation of our first Java program “Hello, World” within the Netbeans IDE.

A question came up as part of the meeting.  What happens when we want to execute on a mac?  This was after we demonstrated executing a program on the Windows command line and how you would do the same in a Mac shell.  To execute one a Mac hit the command+space bar keys to start Spotlight Search.  Then type terminal and press return.  Once in terminal go to the location of your jar file and type java -jar [name of jar file].

Remember to “Clean and Build” from the run menu (or shift+F11) to create the dist folder with the jar file.

mrcampbell / May 10, 2016 / Computer Club