Computer Club Meeting 10-27-2015

Here is the wrap of our meeting from 10-27-2015.  We reviewed our projects to date and looked at the projects we will be taking on in the next couple of weeks.

  1. Next week we will be working on the “Button Project”
  2. After the “Button Project” we will work on the “Guess the Number Project”
  3. We have two problems to solve:
    • lqef ef s fehzwa fgpflelglevt oezqak. dwsj ef tvm_jv_fejt_gz_sti_iv_lqa_kasw_oqswwatjaf
    • x = raw_input("enter the password");
      y = ""; 
      for c in x: 
               y += chr(ord(c) ^ ord(" "));
      if y == "nottherightcase":
               print "congratz the flag is "+y;
               print "nope";


For our second problem, the language is Python.  Go to for an ASCII table.

and remember ^ = bitwise exclusive or

Computer Club Update 10-27-2015 -> This is the presentation that was used in the meeting.

mrcampbell / October 27, 2015 / Computer Club