How do I Call Someone on a Repeater?

How do I Call Someone on a Repeater?

To call someone on a repeater you would first listen to make sure the frequency is clear (not in use) for a moment.  Once you know the frequency is clear hold in the PTT (Push To Talk) button on your radio and say “<Call Sign You Are Calling” this is <Your Call Sign>”.  In other words, if I were to call Mr. Fasano on the radio I would say:

“KD2OQF this is KD2EDX”

If KD2OQF is on frequency he can respond,

“KD2EDX, KD2OQF, how are you doing?”

We would now be in a “QSO” or conversation.  Other Hams may join in by putting out their call sign.  Don’t ignore them; acknowledge them and turn the conversation to the calling ham.  You will now have a conversation in a round robin format.  Each participant will have a turn and turn it over to the next participant.

When you have to leave or are finished let the participants you are chatting with know that you have to go, make your final remarks, and then say “73” and “clear”.

For example, when I arrive at work and am in a QSO I may say:

“I’m at work now so will be going inside.  Have a nice day everyone 73.  KD2EDX”

Take some time and listen in on some repeaters to hear how QSO’s go.  This is the best way to learn the “lingo”!

W2VL is a LIMARC (Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club) repeater and one of the most active in our area.  It covers most of Nassau County, Queens and into New York City. This will be a good repeater to listen in on to become familiar with talking on a repeater.  Put out your call and see if anyone’s on!

You may also go on a frequency / repeater and put out your call to see if anyone else is out there.  Simply say your call sign and listen.  If anyone else is out there they may come back to you.